About Dr. Calkins

Dr. Brad Calkins is a lifelong Monroe County resident. He’s an Airport High graduate, aCalkins-Profile-Picturend went on to graduate from┬áParker University in Dallas, Texas in 2004, where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic and Bachelor’s Degree in Human Anatomy.

Dr. Calkins has been a chiropractor in Monroe since 2004, and started his own practice in August, 2011.

He believes that treating musculoskeletal issues prevents degeneration of the spinal column. Degeneration of the spinal column leads to irregularities in the nervous system. Therefore, maintaining the health of the spinal column via treatment of musculoskeletal issues will help prevent the natural degenerative process, which in turn contributes to the up keep of the nervous system over a lifetime.

This requires treatment on a maintenance level over a lifetime. Treatment involves chiropractic adjustments, and the addition of massage greatly assists improvement when treating a lifetime of wear and tear.